Leaving on a jet plane

Our 1st COVID era flight, very strange. We arrive the requested 2hrs in advance and we are literally the only passengers in the terminal.

Ghost Town

We’ve been here one hour and have not even seen a plane. Then 1 Air Canada flight arrives and lets of 20-30 people. I’ve been on red-eye flights and late night flights and never seen the airport this empty. One restaurant is open, everything else is closed.

Not very many departures on the board

The Short List

I overheard the gate agent say there currently are 27 people on the flight which I guess is good for social distancing, and she just confirmed that we currently have the whole row to ourselves. Our plane has just arrived and only 35 people get off. The Boeing 737-700 has seating capacity for 143. I don’t think they are making money on these flights!

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