Cycle 2 Day 4: Things are Good

Bunn’s Creek Duck

Just paddling along in pretty good shape. I’m feeling well and rode the bike on the indoor trainer for an hour workout with no problems and am still feeling fairly energetic today. The rapid weight gain seen in Cycle 1 seems to be repeating and I’m assuming it will fall off just as fast. The low point in the middle below was about 209-210 which is a pretty good spot for me.

The weight roller coaster

Similar side effects as in the previous cycle are happening such as hiccups. A little weird eh? They occur intermittently after eating and when lying down. When lying down there will be 1-3 fairly strong hiccups and then they stop, until you change positions or roll over etc., then there will be another set of 1-3 hiccups. Makes you think twice about rolling over at night.

On the hair front things seem to be changing a bit. I’ve noticed a bit more debris in the sink after combing. Not the rapid clump losses experienced in 2018 but I think there might be an imminent return to the “Kojak” look.

Telly Savalas as Kojack

Well, this would solve the problem of getting a haircut for quite a few months. The clippers are on standby 🙂

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