Cycle 4 – Day 2: Doping works for me

Today’s ride was much better that last weeks! I was able to keep pace with the group, take my turn on the front several times, and get up the small hills on our route in an acceptable manner.

A couple of changes since last weeks disaster. The Karma road bike is fix with new shifter cables and housings and a shifting tune-up, and I have 200mg of Prednisone on board as part of my chemotherapy regime. While I’m sure this is not what the pros might use, I’m pretty sure this steroid is on the banned substance list!

This stuff gets you pretty jacked up. I was awake last night form 2-4am and then got up for a light breakfast and some reading. After that I caught a short nap before getting up for the day feeling quite talkative and energetic. I suspect there will be an early night crash to come, but generally a great day!

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