Cycle 1 – Day 17: Port Insertion

Carol J. picks us up at 6:30am and we’re off to HSC for the procedure. After admitting it’s up to the 7th floor where they don’t start until 7:30, so it’s the waiting room for a while until they come and get us.

Feels like a bit of a factory as 3 of us are called in to Bed 1,2 &3 and the wonderful hospital gowns are doned. This is the staging and recovery area. Meds and an IV are given along with a verbal history. The nurse and the Dr. explain the procedure and the port device in great detail and answer any questions.

After about a 40 minute wait, it’s my turn. They wheel you to the OR and I hop up on the table. Now the serious meds are given, they shave and drap the area and the Dr is ready to go. This is the last I remember until I’m back in the recovery area. 15-20 minutes here and we’re on our way. I hit the Starbucks for a coffee and sous vide eggs as we wait for Carol J. and our ride home.

I’m feeling good, just a little achey in the right shoulder area. This should be the last non-routine adventure.

Kicking back after the insertion.

Cycle 2 starts on July 10th.