Still Here

Still here at the hospital from time to time to do some preventative/recovery treatments and blood work monitoring.

Today it’s IVIG treatment #4, just two more to go if the schedule holds. Blood work has something a little extra today, 3 tubes instead of the typical 1.

For sure one of the tests is the CBC (Complete Blood Count) of which my neutrophil count is important to determine if I need Grastofil to help things along or if I’m doing “OK” on my own. I’ll know later this morning.

Some of the other testing may determine if I need to continue with the IVIG or my system has recovered enough that it can be stopped. This would be nice to stop as it takes approximately two hours to complete.

I’m feeling well and more normal now that I’m just over 4 months post-CAR-T. Looking forward to less trips to the hospital, more trips to the lake and resuming a more normal life from a health perspective.

The new adventure/workout gear, an Oarboard!

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