This is The Day

This is the day the Lord has made;
We (I) will rejoice and be glad in it. Ps 118:24 NKJV

For some time now, this is what I say to myself first thing in the morning, and then I smile. Even if I don’t want to smile, or I don’t think my day is shaping up too good, this is what I do, and perhaps, not too surprisingly I get an attitude adjustment and I feel better about myself, my day and others. It’s a choice… “I will“.

Well, today is “The Day” in some respects and I’m writing this first part before our meeting with the oncologist to get the results of the PET scan that determines how effective the CAR-T therapy has been. I just wanted to capture some of my thoughts in advance of the meeting. I wrote this in my journal this morning.

I thought as today approached I’d be getting more anxious about whatever the results of the PET scan might be. Instead, I’ve been feeling more and more confident that things will be “OK”. Not necessarily that “OK” means the cancer will be gone ( which would be awesome!) but “OK” that God is good, He is with me/us and I can trust in Him for whatever comes next in life.

Fear and anxiety are trying to push in, but the love of God, His peace, and His goodness are pushing back harder! I thought I’d have trouble sleeping last night and that I’d be awake thinking about today. However, I slept fine! Except for that weird dream where something was attacking me and I pried it off, pushed it down the basement steps and woke up screaming. 🤣 !?!

Given the seriousness of what’s happened over the last three years I feel pretty calm and peaceful. Thank-you Jesus.

The Good Report

We wait briefly in the exam room and then our oncologist pops in. After a very short review of my current status she cuts to the chase. “Your are in remission, no more treatment is required“. Previously “active” areas on prior PET scans are gone!

One caveat was that there is a small new area of “activity”, however the radiologist was confident that this is not cancer. In the report it was termed “an infectious or inflammatory process”. I think this is doctor speak for the body dealing with normal minor infection that goes on in the body all the time. In three months there will be a follow-up scan to monitor the situation.

We are beyond thrilled with this news! It’s hard to put into words the gratitude and thankfulness we are feeling, and I think it will take a bit of time to fully appreciate all that has happened.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us through our journey with prayer, phone calls, email, texts and love. You are all very much appreciated. Your care, concern and support has encouraged us many times and for that we are truly grateful.

The anchor holds in the midst of the storm

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  1. We are SO happy to hear the god report!! We rejoice with you and Shirley, your children and grands! Hallelujah!

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