Full Meal Deal

A busy hospital day today. First is a PET scan at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) immediately followed by an IVIG treatment at St. Boniface Hospital.

This is the new PET scanner in its new location at HSC . It’s 10+ years newer that the previous one and amongst other things is considerably faster in getting the images, 15 minutes vs. 45 minutes for the older unit. It’s still the only one in Manitoba, but I learned a second unit has been approved and will be installed later this year

The scan itself is uneventful and goes smoothly. The table moves very slowly and smoothly and after a few minutes of holding very still I’m just drifting off to sleep and it’s over. I’ve kept the port “gripper”, the needle that hooks up IVs via my port as they wil use it in the next procedure and it will avoid getting stabbed a second time. Off to the next appointment.

Yesterday was a low carb, no sugar day and fasting from 4am until the 10am scan so I grab a quick lunch on the drive over to St. Boniface Hospital.

This is IVIG #3 of a planned 6 so we’re getting it done once a month.

My gear for the IVIG treatment

The little bottle at the top right is the Immunoglobulin. There will be two 20g bottles administered over about 2 hours. They start the IV at quite a slow rate and ramp it up every 15 minutes. Lots of nurse action as they do vitals every 15 minutes too!

Tiny bubbles …

There are no bubbles in the bottle when they start but at the end it looks like this. Curious stuff.

Monday will be even bigger day as we get the results of the PET scan and find out how the CAR-T process went. Also, I get my 1st COVID shot and we’re planning our 1st summer trip to the lake!