Just a few brief updates.

I had the second IVIG treatment last Friday which was uneventful… always a good thing.

Blood work is now down to once a week and my Neutrophils are greater than 1 without being supported by Grastofil/filgrastim injections. This is good too because it means I can stop the injections and a couple of the medications, particularly the really expensive one!

My second pentamidine treatment is scheduled for May 31 at HSC.

A second MRI of my heart is scheduled for June 9th to be compared to the February 1, 2021 imaging in an effort to diagnose the chest pain.

June 18th will be a busy day with the PET scan followed by IVIG treatment #3.

June 21st we will meet with the oncologist for the results of the PET scan. A big day for sure.