We’re Back

Up early at 5am to make the 8:10am flight from Toronto to Winnipeg. The check-in wasn’t the smoothest and it was good that we had lots of time. We know our bags are a little on the heavy side and likely over the 50lbs limit. As I put the “lighter” bag on the automatic drop off station it says we’re over weight and to see customer service. We get in a line and wait a bit to see an agent. When we put my bag on the scale it’s well under the 50 lbs and the agent says “Why are you here?” He checks the luggage tag and sure enough the other scale had flagged it as an over weight bag. He re-issues the baggage tag and it’s good to go. Shirley’s bag similarly is under 50lbs and sails through.

Next stop is the agent screening carry-on bags. She is making everyone test fit their bag into the sizing cage. Ours will not fit! I “mention” that this carry on bag has flown with Air Canada three times this year alone without any problem. No sympathy, I must check the bag. 😕 Thankfully, the automated check-in system makes short work of this task for a mere $57. Security and COVID screening is all pretty normal and after a long walk we’re at the gate.

The flight is smooth on a nice sunny day and the plane seems to be only 1/2 full, so that’s a good thing too!

Eric picks us up and soon we’re home. The rest of the day is spent unpacking and getting re-organized in our own home, so good.