Day +29: Last Visit

It’s Thursday, so it’s an in-person clinic day, hopefully the last!

Friday was supposed to be the final hospital visit but due to a change in plans the CAR-T doctors will see me today while I’m already here. This should save another visit on Friday and more blood work which seemed a little unnecessary anyway, IMHO.

Blood work has been sent off, and the vitals look good, so now it’s just wait and see about the results and what all the doctors think about that. Hopefully, (as in confident expectation) they will approve me to go home to Winnipeg and transfer all my care and follow up back to the Winnipeg oncology team.

I get to see quite a few people before I get the final release. Over the morning I meet with all of the CAR-T team, the coordinator, the nurse practitioner, the fellow and the doctor. Plus the nurse who does the bulk of the work with collecting blood, vital stats, documentation and the removal of the PICC line.

This phase of the journey is coming to and end as we gear up to return to Winnipeg. In 3 months (mid-June) there will be a PET scan to confirm the healing.

So thankful for so many things:

  • The staff at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for excellent care and treatment both in hospital and as an out patient.
  • For staff at Toronto General & Toronto Western for many supporting test and procedures.
  • For friends and family supporting Shirley and I from near and far with love, concern and prayer.
  • For the cousins who opened their homes to us and provided a safe and welcoming place for us to stay and the transportation for the seemingly endless trips to the hospital for various things, an eternal debt of gratitude.
  • For God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – Ps 91:16 and so much more.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

Well, a lot longer than anyone wanted.

However, in terms of the CAR-T therapy and the travel away from home, it has been quite awhile.

First TripFebruary 4-12, 202110
Second TripMarch 4, 2021 – April 19, 202147
In Toronto57
Total CAR-TFebruary 4 – April 19, 202175