Day +23: Clinic Day

Nothing to new to report as vital signs continue to stabilize into a more normal pattern. The blood pressure is more consistent between sitting and standing. However, various blood counts are still fairly low but slowly recovering, which is typical with this treatment.

Right now the blood work has been sent off to the lab and my PICC line dressing has been changed and I’m waiting to see if they are going to do anything else while I’m here.

Yesterday I was out for a fairly decent walk, the longest so far, and I felt pretty good. Lots of great trails to explore in the Oakville area.

The main part of the walk was to explore this trail.

Morrison Valley North trail
Bridge over the creek
No leaves but a few wildflowers popping up

I speak with the nurse practitioner and she is satisfied with my test results and nothing further is require today so I’m free to go!

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