Day +17: The Pressure!

I’m up around 8am for a shower & shave (oooh, a big day!) and down for breakfast. But first there are those pesky vitals to record.

For blood pressure they want to record sitting and then standing pressures. My sitting pressure was pretty OK but my standing pressure was a little low even after doing it three times. So, the protocol says call the clinic. 😕 I’m feeling fine, no dizziness etc. but we call the clinic. There are numerous questions and we do the 2pm checking call stuff early since I’m on the phone. The advice is to wait one hour, repeat the BP and call back.

The next round of BP numbers are quite respectable and we call the results in. The advice now is to keep monitoring of course and call if anything weird happens. Saved! No trip downtown to PMH for IV fluids. 😊

A walk in the Forrest

Lunch, a nap, a walk, dinner and some TV will wrap up the day.

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