Day +15: First Outpatient Clinic visit

Today is the 1st of twice weekly drives down to Princess Margaret Hospital to the outpatient clinic for blood work and an in-person assessment.

We’re up at 6am! This is a bit of an adjustment as I was used to the 6am vitals check and then rolling over and going back to sleep. Today, it’s up, get dressed head down for a light breakfast and coffee plus the vitals check. We leave at about 7am and arrive at 7:45. I grab a Tim’s and head up to the 14th floor clinic.

First up is the blood draw to send it off t the lab ASAP. The 2nd thing is a bit of a surprise! My PICC line has been “leaking” and there is a fair amount of blood. The nurse cleans it all up and applies a new dressing. The blood seems to be clotting OK, I don’t remember pulling on the line and there is no pain at the sight so it’s a bit of a mystery.

At 10:30am they tell me there was a “problem” with a couple of tubes of blood so they need to re-draw to complete the testing. No big deal except this means another 1+hrs in the clinic. Around noon the report comes back and they are happy with the test results and I’m free to go.

Kathy picks me up and we’re back home for some lunch and a nap. Later in the afternoon it’s time for another exploratory walk, this time a bit further that the 1st walk. 😊

Dinner and a little TV watching rounds out another day.