Day +13: A beautiful day for leaving the hospital!

A nice bright sunny morning and the last day I’ll see this view.

I had a good night, the 1st full night off the IV and my morning vitals are looking good. After a leisurely breakfast and shower the nurse returns and informs me that I’m getting some IV fluids, surprise! It will take 2 hours and it’s 10am now. I ask about getting discharged. “You need to see the doctor 1st”.

I talk with the doctor and things are all good. I ask if I can leave now. “You need to see the pharmacist”. OK, no problem, especially because he shows up a few minutes later and reviews my meds going forward, what to stop, what to put on hold for a while, and a couple of new things to start.

It’s now noon and the nurse is back to disconnect the IV. I ask if I’m good to go now. “I need to finish up some paperwork and then you’re good to go”. Turns out this is the last hurdle and we get the paperwork, say good-bye to the ward staff an head on out to meet Kathy at her car waiting in the pickup loop.

After a short drive we’re “home”

I’m much happier than I look!

After unpacking and a short nap it’s a lovely home cooked meal. So tasty and so nice to eat at a real table with other people, especially when they are two of my favourites!

First “home” meal in 14 days.

The hospital and staff were great for getting my treatment done, but it’s so nice to be on the outside.

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