Day +12: Ready To Go

It all happened really fast. At about 11:45am a lady sticks her head in the door and asks if we can make a 3pm meeting today for caregiver training. I say yes, and then call Shirley to find out if that’s true. 😊

Then, almost immediately I’m getting a flood of meeting notifications on the myUHN patient portal for daily meetings from this Wednesday until April 17th. On Mondays and Thursdays the meetings are at the hospital for blood work and assessment. All the other days are for phone appointments where Shirley will report my status.

Shirley arrives just before 3pm and we’re guided one floor down to the immunotherapy day hospital area where Shirley receives her training for the 3 times a day assessment she gets to perform on me.

All good news, as this means I’ll get released from hospital tomorrow and that we’ll likely be returning to Winnipeg on April 19th.

Tonight’s Sunset – Last One