Day +11: A dark and stormy day

Things must be getting medically uninteresting as todays topics are the weather, the fun, the food and the visitor!

Sort of hard to tell from the above photo, but it rained with varying intensity for most of the day and was quite windy in the afternoon and evening.

Thanks to Mandy, who sent me a list of things to do when you are bored in the hospital, meet my new friend Nitro. The hospital version of Wilson in the Tom Hanks movie Castaway.

Nitro’s Parents

On to today’s special food delivered hot & fresh by my special visitor, Shirley. I’d recommend the chilli cheese potato wedges from Tim’s, yummy.

Some goof eating Tims

And then there is the lovely Shirley, who brightened my day and made yet another heart connection with the weekend doctor. I’m now calling her the “people magnet”.

I’m feeling a little better every day and it’s been over 24 hours with a temperature less than 37°C, aka normal. It’s been 13 days post-chemo and as you can see the hair is hanging in there, another good thing.