Day +8: Moving Day (again!)

Shortly after 8am my nurse, another nurse and the housekeeper show up and “my door” and announce that I’m getting moved to a new room.

They say I’ll like it and refer to it as “the party room” and “the honeymoon suite”. In a matter of a few minutes they round up all my stuff, put it on the bed, and roll it on down to my new digs at the end of the hall. Same great view of SW Toronto but 2.5x the size of my last room. End of the hall is also the quietest place on the floor and apparently the room is the largest single patient room in the complex!

Later in the morning the doctor shows up and says I’m doing fine, no concerns. Yesterday he dropped by with a nurse practitioner from a different hospital and said to her “ this is how we want all our CAR-T patients to look on Day 7” As in (apparently) I’m lookin’ good. 😜

Later in the afternoon I meet the dietician who informs me about the “Menu Alternatives”. Turns out there are many things that I can just write in addition to or a replacement for items in the standard daily menu. She’s going to override whatever I ordered for lunch tomorrow with a Deluxe Burger with bacon!

What Garry has neglected to mention is that he was FaceTiming with me when his nurse comes in. I met her yesterday and she’s joins the conversation as her and I have become buddies. She tells me I’ll love the honeyroom suite Garry is in and I ask if I can have overnight visiting privileges. Much laughter ensues and she says that might be pushing it:(

I then mention that Garry’s food trays have been very erratic and missing a significant number of items such as the morning’s oatmeal to go with the brown sugar he had ordered to go with it. One night dinner consisted of peas and soup.

It seems nothing is too much as far as what Garry needs or desires and she will have the dietician come see him. Hence the burger!

She also indicates that she’s caring for Garry on Sunday and is looking forward to seeing me again when I come for the twice weekly visit.

What wonderful, amazing care for my man, when I can’t be there to bring him daily rations of food and watch over him.

He is in good hands, as am I!

Today I went shopping to a local mall with Kathy where I purchased a new spring wardrobe, the first significant and only fun shopping experience in over a year. (The men won’t get this , but the rest of you know what I’m saying). And really it was essential, because I came with a winter wardrobe and today Oakville is 22C.

We are both doing extremely well are are so thankful for this treatment being available to us! Garry truly is worth a million dollars because I would not be surprised that this is what the final cost will be if not more.

Thank goodness we live in a country that has Medicare available to all it’s citizen’s and more thanks to all of you for your tax dollar contributions. I pray you will never to to collect but know that help is there when you need it.

We are blessed and so thankful for everything, again my heart is full to overflow!

I can hear Garry saying get your own blog, so I will sign off now. Love and miss all of you.