Day +6: The Facts

I’m tired. Not much sleep last night.

I started trying to sleep around 10:30 after the 10pm vitals were done. But the cough, when laying down, kept me awake for about 90 minutes before it gave up. I slept well from then until to 2am vitals.

At 2am I’m 38.0°C. This is now a fever, again, and considered a “new” fever and there is a mandatory call to the doctor. The nurse returns quite quickly and the doctor has ordered a change to a different IV antibiotic, and blood cultures. That mean 4 large tubes of blood from the PICC line and thankfully they skip the needle poke in the other arm and 2 more tubes. I keep my eyes closed and am feeling calm, thinking I’ll quickly go to sleep again. The door was closed when the nurse came in but, it was left open. I get up and close the door. A minute later the I’ve alarm goes off (quite loud beeping). “Air in the Line”, the nurses comes back and fixes it and again leaves the door open. After getting up to close it this time I’m really awake now and can’t get back to sleep until about 4:30am.

At the 6am vitals I’m still 38.0°C. More attempted sleep but that’s challenged by a bathroom call at 7am, One of the many last night. I stay up in the chair, eat breakfast, talk to Shirley,then wait for the 10am vitals. I’m now 37.5°C and I go back to bed until the bathroom calls. I think this will repeat all day long so I won’t bore you further.

About the food, the breakfast and lunch orders were perfect. I saw my first boiled egg at breakfast and the lunch Mac & Cheese was very good. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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