Day +5:

No big theme for today so it will just be some random thoughts and updates.


I’m feeling pretty good and in talking to Shirley this morning she says I’m “sounding like your old self”, first time since last Wednesday. BP is starting to look more normal, no dizziness when standing and no fever. The doctor says I’m a typical, doing well Day 5 CAR-T patient. Also, the ICU team has stopped visiting. I take that as a good sign.

I’ve had some emails with my former roommate who was discharged last Saturday and he sent me a link to some nice photos of my former room, and the ward. You can see them here.

Ok, lets talk food. First of all I’ve got to give Princess Margaret props for their delivery. Cold stuff is cold, hot stuff is hot, really hot. For example, soup is about as hot as it is when I take it off the stove at home. I attribute this to their tray and cart system. The tray clearly has two sides with what might be a thermal break in the middle of the tray. When you touch the tray on one side its hot and the other side is stone cold. I’m assuming the cart has a battery heating system for the hot side. Good job. 👍

Accuracy? I’m not so sure. They have a sheet where you can request what you will have for the next day. This morning my breakfast arrived and the nurse says, “It looks a little light would you like me to get a milk for your cereal and a yogurt? (From the ward’s patient pantry next to my room). Ah, yes please. A bit later I mention to the nurse there was no coffee. She immediately offers to run down to the main floor Tim’s for me, such a sweetheart. I thank her and say I’ll be fine and lay down for a quick nap. When I wake up, my daily meds are on the tray and a Tim’s coffee with cream & sugar!

I’m passing all my 4x daily cognitive test and I’m pretty sure I‘m circling clearly the stuff I want but now I’m starting to be extra careful. I always request salt & pepper for every meal, didn’t show up all day today. I’ve asked for the boiled egg when it’s been on the menu. Have not seen one yet.

On the other hand I’ve learned you can “adjust” the menu choices. Chocolate milk is never on the menu. I write it in and it’s always shown up. I may start to push the envelope a bit. 😜

After Dark

The real night view is quite spectacular compared to the above photo. I’ll see about producing something better.

Not quite the Ritz but I’m happy to be here.