Day +3: Extreme lockdown

So at someone’s instinct (whose name starts with an S and ends with with a Y :), I happened to mention to the doctor yesterday that I had a bit of a cough and runny nose first thing in the morning. He is not concerned but commented that “protocols” would likely kick in. Oh yeah!

First up, another COVID swab, this one deeper than usual if that’s possible. Then I’m on room isolation and not allowed to cross the green curtain (bathroom included). People coming in now need to gown, mask, face shield, glove, pretty much the maximum protection.

My Kingdom

Fatigue continues and my temperature is up & down like a rocket ship, mainly up, but a few drops here and there. It’s been as high as 39.3 for brief time.

The new excitement for today is extreme dizziness. During the 8am vitals my lying BP was quite low, so they wanted to do a standing BP. A few seconds in I had to sit down and then I involuntarily laid down on the bed. I’m getting some additional IV fluid, but apparently too much IV fluid is not good for the CAR-T cells. Can you say “more close monitoring”?

On the positive side at about 11am I’m feeling pretty good, sitting up in bed and perhaps I’ll move to the chair for a while for a little excitement. My roommate was just discharged and I’m making a play for the window bed, very exciting.

Oh, yeah I with all the testing about the cough, I have a Rhino Virus (aka common cold). I hardly notice it, but these days it’s keeping me on room isolation. 😕

Late breaking news! They won’t move my bed to the window but because of my ” special status” (I have a cold) the room has been designated as private and it’s all mine!

My new view.