Day + 2: Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

You’d have to be of a certain vintage to get this reference to the 1965 TV show Lost In Space. I really liked it! Then there was a 2018 re-boot which I also liked but after 2 seasons it seems to have died.


When your temperature hits 38 they get moderately excited. And at 0:29am that’s what happened.

After a phone consult with the doctor they feel this is one of the CAR-T side effects, Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS). But, they are not totally sure as it may be an infection. To rule this out they draw several bottle of blood. Two from each of the PICC line lumens and two from a poke in the other arm. Sadly, blood cultures for this take 24-72hours so it’s all likely to be over by the time the results are back.

My temperature came down shortly after but I’m still running in the 37.5-37.9 range. Also, still very tired. I think another day of laying around is likely.

As another little tid bit after all this settled down, the fire alarm went off, “Code Red 15A”, I’m on 15B. That seems a little close. The nurse says some construction work triggered an electrical fire and it was contained rapidly. Other than that, a pretty uneventful night.