Admitted: Day -1

Here I am on 15B in the Princess Margaret Hospital.

It’s a pretty small area, a typical hospital room, that I’m sharing with Ernie, my roommate. Sounds like he might be out Friday afternoon and that I might be in for more like 2 weeks which sounds more typical than the 7 day minimum. Who knows, perhaps I’ll be an overachiever.

Lots of questions on how I’m doing, do I have this, that and the other thing? Generally, “no”. Later the Dr says I’m a sought after patient for the nurses because basically other than this one thing, I’m fine. A low maintenance patient and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

Once again there are a multitude of tests. Blood work, chest X-ray, ECG, and a series of swabs of various interesting parts of my body! Apparently, making sure I’m not coming into the hospital with some sort of disease/infection.

At least x-ray was a trip off the ward down to the 3rd floor for a front & side chest x-ray. They let me walk back to the ward on my own! I could have gone AWOL to the Tim’s or something. Security seems lax enough. 😜

It seem like I’ll need to get my head in that game and settle in. It’s only 5:15pm and I’m feeling bored/trapped/stuck and who knows what else. Time seems to have slowed to a crawl. One day at a time, all things are possible.