Last Chemo: Day -4

Today is the last chemotherapy appointment with 4 days to go until infusion.

Some have asked why chemo with CAR-T, good question. It’s called lymphodepleting (LD) chemotherapy.

Lymphodepleting (LD) chemotherapy is given several days (usually 2–14 days) before you receive your CAR T cells, you will return to the hospital or clinic to receive one or more chemotherapy agents. This chemotherapy decreases the number of T cells in your body to make room for the new CAR T cells. This process is called lymphodepletion. The lymphodepleting chemotherapy will be given to you by a nurse or another trained healthcare professional. You will receive these medications through a vein. Fludarabine and cyclophosphamide are usually given daily for 3 days before the CAR T therapy.

From “What is CAR-T therapy” article.

Tomorrow is “moving day” as we transition our accommodations from my cousin Leslie’s in Scarborough to my cousin Kathy’s in Oakville. Thanks so much Leslie for your gracious hospitality, the great meals, the pampering, and the many trips downtown to the hospital.