Chemo Day 1

Unfortunately, this is a pretty familiar process but on a much bigger scale at the PMH. I’m in chair 77 in the Red zone. There are several colour zones and most of the 4th floor is dedicated to chemotherapy. So, a lot of stations for chemotherapy.

I check in and I’m given a pager! I can roam the entire building with the pager and when it beeps I’ve been assign a chair. After waiting for a bit I decide I will pick up some Tim’s as unfortunately there is no Starbucks in the vicinity. But as soon as I get in the Tim’s line, the pager goes off so it’s back up to the 4th floor.

Two meds are administered each taking 30 minutes and the PICC dress is changed. The nurse is very nice and we review the side effects and what to do etc. I’ve had one of the meds before without any problems, the other is new to me.

All together I’m at PMH for about 2 1/2hrs. Same routine for Friday and Saturday so unless something exciting happens I’m not likey to post anything until next Tuesday, admission day.