My Valentines Day Present

We’re back from Toronto at about 1am and after a snack and some unwinding it’s 3am before we’re in bed.

Surprisingly, I’m up at about 8:30 doing the usual stuff and planning day 1 of 14 in self isolation. The main activity this week for me is the Tour of Sufferlandria and I’m already a day behind. I’ll need to do 3 rides today to get back on track. No worries, I’ve got all day and then the “gift” arrives.

I get a call from St. Boniface MRI and there has been a cancelation today and can I make a 1pm appointment, which is in 2 hours. So a quick breakfast/lunch and off I go.

As I’m waiting I hear the receptionist calling to fill other cancelations. Surprisingly, many people turn down the opportunity. Given the typical wait time I’m not sure why folks are missing out on the opportunity.

The Tube

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