Testing, testing, 1,2 1,2 testing

So I’ve heard that some posts might be too detailed or too technical. Well, today will be more of a sight seeing tour and staying more lighthearted. By the way the title is a bit of a sound guy joke.

Today’s testing is brought to you by Toronto General Hospital Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, literally directly across the street from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

12 stories in this part. I’ll be on 10 & 3 today and 12 tomorrow.

Also across the street from Sick Kids Hostital where I did some time as a young lad when we lived in Toronto.

This is what it looked like in the late ‘50s when I was there. Now it’s been expanded from about 1/4 of a city block to the full block or more and very much higher. I remember my dad pulling up to that front entrance late in the evening when I was having some serious breathing issues.

First up is the Pulmonary Function test. No waiting and practically straight in. A nice Asian woman took me through the process of multiple tests each performed 3-4 times for comparison. “Breath normally, big breath in, breath out slowly, more, more, more, OK breath normally. Big breath in, hold, hold, hold, breath out, breath in then out as hard and as fast as you can, then panting”. Lots of breathing. The technician and I get along well and have some casual conversation along the way. I think I passed.

Not me, but the setup looked exactly like this. Lots of huffing and puffing.

Next it’s off to the “Echo Lab” for the echocardiogram. Signage in the hospital is great and I don’t get lost dropping down 7 floors and navigating to a completely different area of this very large hospital. I check in, and again it’s almost no waiting. A nice German woman is conducting the test and it’s all business. “Change here, BP, weight, height, lay down here, arm up, on your side, move closer, on your back, breath out and hold, breath in and hold”. Lots of breathing today.

Still not me but it went like this
About 80 images captured plus video and audio

In short order all the testing for today is done, and it’s time for Starbucks and a ride back to our home base. And now, a couple of photographs for no particular reason. 🙂

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. The original older 6 story building has been extended back behind for a city block and then up for a few more floors, the shiny new looking part in the middle. The inside is all quite modern looking.
Some bushes in winter, just because.
A couple of guys hanging around, probably pretty famous or important dudes in the medical field.
Some downtown Toronto skyline as I’m walking between tests.
Nice and sunny.

Tomorrow, it’s the T-cell collection for most of the day and an early 7am start. Wahoo!

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    1. A very light dusting of snow overnight for the last couple of days and only -5 – 14°C so not so cold compared to Winnipeg. Stay warm 🙂

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