I will be with you

I’m not sure how to explain the experience or feeling I had this morning when this verse came up as the verse of the day on the Youversion app. It was pretty special. It was familiar. It was comforting. It was reassuring and much more.

It’s an old friend. It’s on my verse list. It’s one I’ve prayed out loud over myself on the journey many times.

I’m a big fan of the Youversion app and it’s what keeps my daily reading of God’s Word on track with lots of powerful and encouraging devotions for all aspects of life. Highly recommended.

So I don’t normally blog about this kind of stuff, I save it for my personal journal. But today, it really spoke to me, especially in light of my Journey. Perhaps it will speak to you?

Anyway, this verse was part of today’s Youversion “Story“, which was prefaced by this:

Think of a difficult situation you recently faced. Today, let’s reflect on God’s promises for our hard seasons. Before beginning, take a deep breath.

Yeah, take a deep breath. Given everything that’s going on in the world these days I think that’s a great idea. Catch your breath, relax a little bit, let the tension go.

I think everyone has or will experience a “hard season”, the question is how will you handle it? Alone? (Generally not so good) With the help of friends and family? (better for sure!) With God? (the best IMHO).

For me personally there were two big takeaways.

The first is that “I (God) will be with you”. What an awesome promise that the God of the universe is with me when I’m going through difficult situations, and good situations too!

The other is the word “through”. I’m going “through” any and all hard seasons. Not stopping here but coming out the other side. It may be long. It may have many ups and downs but I’m going through and there is an end and the ending is good.

Thanks for reading.