Back on Track

I received a call this morning from the PET scan folks, and my scan is tomorrow August 25th at 10:45 a.m. Shortly after that the oncologist’s office called and cancelled tomorrows visit since the PET scan results won’t be available that quickly and re-scheduled for September 1.

PET Scanner

Plans change

Received a call this morning to inform me that the PET scanner is broken and I won’t be getting my scan as planned for tomorrow, August 20th. 🙁

This is both frustrating and upsetting as this means that I won’t officially know the status of the cancer and the meeting on August 25th with the oncologist will only be about my immunization schedule and not a review of the planned PET scan.

There is no ETA for a fix of the PET scanner and I’m now waiting for a phone call to get the scan re-scheduled.

Disappointed by the Numbers

I had a touch base with CancerCare today and while I continue to feel well and get stronger I was disappointed by the numbers.

Blood testing was scheduled for 8:45 and for what ever reason I had to wait quite a while before I was called in. Once in the chair the blood draw only took a few minutes and then I checked in to see the doctor.

After waiting over 1 hour I checked with the desk again. I think I some how got lost in the process but was called in very shortly after I asked about what was happening. I had been expecting to see the oncologist physician assistant but my assigned nurse handled the visit. Blood pressure and a few “how are you doing” question and she’s done. She explains the blood testing results and this is the disappointing part.

Hemoglobin & Plattlets
White Blood Cell Count

These numbers are supposed to be going up! They are currently quite a bit lower than “normal” and I had expected better progress 🙁

The nurse says they can bounce up and down. Next time they better bounce “up” if they know what’s good for them!