Its been 20 days since hospital discharge and today was the second in person follow-up with the doctor.

I’m continuing to improve and several bodily functions are returning to a more normal status. A couple of days ago I noticed a real positive change in my energy level and went out for a 56km ride which went quite well.

Today’s visit with the doctor was for blood work and a “how are you doing?” visit. The blood testing results continue to improve in most areas which most likely accounts for my increased energy levels. Platelets dipped a bit but, hemoglobin is up which is good for energy and bike riding and I’m sure a host of other things too. Normal hemoglobin is 140 – 180 and platelets in the range of 140 – 440, so still well below the guidelines.

The white blood cells are recovering and up from the last doctor visit and from an all time low of 0 in the hospital. Still a ways to go as the “normal” range is 4.5 -11.0. Key takeaway is that as the WBC improves I’ll be more able to fight off infections, viruses etc. This could come in handy these days.

Next doctor visit is August 7th. Then it will be a PET scan on August 20th and a review of the PET scan results on August 25th.

I’m still taking it pretty easy but I do have a group ride planned for this Wednesday. I hope they take it easy on me, or I’m up to the challenge of a faster and longer ride.