Day +8: Is it hot in here?

So yesterday was a pretty down day. Super tired, no energy, stomach didn’t feel good at all. I didn’t leave the room .

Through the day and into the evening my temperature was creeping up through 37*C to 38.4*C. Well, at over 38*C they get moderately excited and a new protocol kicks in.

The issue is that I may have an infection that is causing the temperature or maybe its just up because of the treatments. I’ m told this is quite typical for my stage in the process.

First up is blood cultures. Samples are taken from three location, the PICC line, the port and a vein in my right arm. The theory is that the multiple samples for the same test might pin down the primary location of the possible infection.

Next is a stronger IV antibiotic every 8 hours. Interestingly enough they will rotate the entry point between PICC lumens 1 & 2 (two different tubes) and the port.

The third action is urinalysis to again look for any infection issues.

Fourth is a chest x-ray, looking to see if there is any issues brewing there like possible pneumonia and who knows what all else.

The chest X-ray is actually a bit of a welcome adventure. This is the fist time I’ve left the ward in 15 days. It’s short lived. A quick wheelchair ride down to the 1st floor in a different building, 3 quick X-rays, and I’m whisked back to my room.

But wait, there is more!

My platelet count hit 1 today, another trigger point, and I get a transfusion of platelets. First time on the receiving end of blood products. I’ve been a long time blood donor with over 50 donations and I’m so glad there is a system like Canadian Blood Service available to us when we need it. As they say, “It’s in you to give”.

Overall I’m feeling much better today than yesterday, I’m pretty sure its the homemade chicken noodle soup that Shirley cooked up at the crack of dawn for my lunch today that made all the difference.

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  1. Honey, it was wonderful to see you feeling so much better today.
    You continue to amaze me daily with your optimistic outlook and fortitude.

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