Day +5: Just another day in paradise

Compared to many peoples situation, even a restricted 21+ day stay in a Canadian hospital is “just another day in paradise”. I have nothing to complain about. The medical care is excellent, the staff are caring and compassionate, and even my hospital room is pretty expansive compared to the living conditions of many. I have three solid meals a day. Staff maintain and clean my room. And, many times a day I hear “Is there anything I can do for you? Anything I can get for you?” Blessed.

However, it is quite a switch from my normal life and there are things that I won’t miss all that much when I’m discharged.

  • Peeing in a bottle every 2 hrs
  • Being tethered to an IV pole
  • Needing help changing my shirt, because I’m tethered to an IV pole
  • Getting my temperature taken at 2am.
  • Hospital food – Seriously, they try hard but compared to Shirley?
  • People winging in and out of your room while you’re in the bathroom or sleeping
  • Rigid meal schedule – 8am, noon, 5pm
  • Not leaving the ward, let alone going outside

I try not to think about these things too much.

I’ve never wanted to go to prison. Several years ago we visited Alcatraz and after standing in a cell and being able to touch both walls at the same time, I again knew I never wanted to go to prison. Being restricted to a limited space for an extended period of time is quite an experience and I think it changes you. I’m not sure how anyone who goes to prison, in conditions far more difficult and disruptive than my hospital stay, manages to handle the emotional and psychological impacts of their confinement.

Thankful for my healing and glad to be here.

p.s. I continue to do well and today was a typical recovery day with no surprises.

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