Day +4: Father’s Day

Father’s Day Gifts from the Family.

So many people helped make this Father’s Day a special time for me. I received some very thoughtful and heart felt gifts from the family along with encouraging messages that blessed me. Also, throughout the day I received calls and texts from many people wishing me a Happy Father’s day, again blessed by thoughtful friends.

Hospital food can be quite something. Sometimes pretty “OK”, other times not so much. Thankfully, today, once again, a chef angel (Shirley) arrived with a complete lunch! One of my favourites and certainly something that’s not on the hospital menu, Chicken Caesar salad and a chocolate dessert!

As you can probably guess my appetite has not been negatively effected. 🙂 I’m still tied to an IV pole for hydration 24×7, which is helping to stabilize my blood pressure (low) to some level which doesn’t have me dizzy when I stand up. Blood count numbers continue to drop as expected and should turn around in a couple of days. Overall, feeling good. One or two naps are figuring more prominently into my day, but that’s good too.

Wishing all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!