Day +3: The Pressure

Well, by 4:30am I can tell the the blood pressure (BP) is not what it should be as I’m a little shaky heading to the washroom. Sure enough with the 6am check its officially low again and I’m hooked to the IV once more. Seems like I’ll be pole dancing for several days now to keep the hydration up.

Shirley is back today! Hurrah! Complete with Starbucks, homemade lunch and re-supplies of all kinds of stuff. She got asked if she was moving in. 😉

We chat, play gin rummy, where I mostly lose, and have lunch together. During the morning the hospital decides I should get some additional blood culturing done to rule out any infection issues that might be causing the BP issue. Four samples are collected, two from a vein in my arm and another two (duplicate test) from the PICC line. My lab expert (Shirley) says it will be a couple of days before results are available. My temperature is fine and infection is unlikely, but good to be cautious.

More naps are in order for the afternoon.

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