Day +2: Memories

I’ve been thinking about my dad over the last couple of days, because of this.

Williams Lectric Shave

Guys seem to be either an electric razor guy or a blade guy. My dad was an electric razor guy all the way. Me, I’ve tried them on and off but settled on the blade for many years now. However, with the treatment, they recommend using an electric razor (or growing a beard ) as opposed to a blade to minimize the chance of getting a cut. A cut might pose two problems, one being bleeding due to low platlets etc. , and the other is a source of infection, to be avoided for sure at this point.

Turns out dry shaving with an electric razor is not optimum. Enter William’s Lectric Shave, the stuff my dad always used. I can still remember the smell. Fond memories for sure.

Today, I was pretty tired. Blood pressure has been low all day which leads to some dizziness when I get up at times. At around 10pm I’m re-connected to the IV pump to get a rapid infusion of saline solution. Within 1/2 hr I’m feeling a lot more energetic and the blood pressure is now textbook perfect.