Day +1: By the numbers

Some people like the numbers, some don’t. The hospital certainly does! They track every thing in/out and all around. Multiple times a day I’m checked for a temperature, blood pressure, heart rhythm, bowel & lung sounds. All of which have been pretty steady and “OK”. Blood work is a bit of a different story.

Daily, there is blood work and here are some of the key factors they are keeping track of as I journey along.

The first two on the chart below are platelets ( the green line) and hemoglobin (the blue line). Apparently this is pretty normal as a result of the chemotherapy and as the stem cells get to work these numbers will start to turn around and return to normal.

The next chart is the white blood cell count which is looking not too bad at this point.

White Blood Cell Count

And then there is the weight! All the up and down is caused by the constant 24×7 IV hydration over the first 7 days and some meds to make you lose some of the hydration account for the dips. All that has stopped now so things should level out unless I’m eating too much . 🙂


Otherwise things are good, I’m feeling well

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