Day -2: More of the same

Not too much to report today as the treatment is identical to the last 3 days. I’m still feeling good physically, a bit down emotionally with being stuck in a fairly confined space with quite a few days to go. Trying not to think about that too much and keep myself distracted.

Speaking of distractions, 2-3 times a day the STARS helicopter lands on the top of the HSC Diagnostic Centre of Excellence building which I can almost see out my window. So far, this is the first and only hospital helipad in Winnipeg!

The STARS air ambulance sits on the new helipad at Health Sciences Centre’s new Diagnostic Centre of Excellence on Friday. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

I’m on the lookout for a night shot and there was one a day or two ago but I was already in bed and would have missed it by the time I got organized.