Day -4: Competition

Not a lot to do in the hospital and thankfully I’ve got all my tech devices to help pass the time. However, there is one thing they encourage the patients to do instead of sitting or laying around in your room. It’s not much, but it’s something, we get to walk the hallway!

Its just one straight hallway, not too long, but to make it interesting there is a whiteboard with everyone’s room numbers on it and you’re encouraged to log your laps and walk 4x/day. The board is pretty empty when I arrive but there is one room with quite a bit of activity. I have a look and say to myself “I can beat that!”, so it’s game on. After a day or two I meet my competition, Harold, while walking. We exchange stories briefly and carry on with our walking.

The leader board

I’m 43 and Harold is 42. He’s post-transplant and in recovery, so different but similar circumstances, still a fun little motivator and I think he likes the competition too.

So far I’ve logged 173 laps or 7.2km.

Hallway Lap Distances

Day -4: And now for something completely different

The last number of posts have certainly been medically heavy so I think I’ll switch it up a bit for a day or two since the medications are identical for Days -5 to -2. For a brief status update I’m feeling good and my weight is up quite a bit due to the hyper-hydration they have me on, a 24 hour x7 days saline solution.

Thankfully, the hospital visitation rules have eased up somewhat and I’m allowed a visitor! Guess who? My angel of mercy, love of my life, Starbucks connection and home cooking!

Each day Shirley has driven to the hospital mid-morning, navigated the parking system, picked up Starbucks, passed through two different screening processes all to hang out with me and make my day so much brighter! After a coffee and some catch-up chat we share what we’re calling a “picnic lunch” which is a combination of home cooking and stuff I can select from the hospital food cart.

The “picnic lunch” – Legit chicken fingers, salad & cookie (hospital), chicken sandwich, fresh fruit and cheese (home).

Thanks honey for supporting me so well on this journey, love you! ๐Ÿ˜

My window view is of several other hospital building, some of which are quite new and still being completed on the inside. Nothing too interesting until yesterday when I spot two guy on the roof wandering around with full climbing harnesses and a bunch of ropes. Next thing I know one of them is going over the edge!

Going over the edge

I’ve seen this done a couple of times but it always makes me feel a bit queasy when they first go over the edge and get settled into the bosuns chair. Well, they are washing the windows.

Washing Windows

This morning one of the devotions I’m doing was based around Exodus 15:26 where the end of the verse is “I am the LORD who heals you.โ€ or Jehovah- Rapha, a compound name of God combining the personal name and a word referring to healing; hence โ€œthe Lord who healsโ€. After reading this I thought I need to be reminded of this a lot right now so I did a little graffiti art. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The LORD who heals you (me!)