Doctor Touch base

Thursday we spoke with Dr C Speziali the oncologist in charge of my bone marrow/stem cell transplant. He reviewed the planned schedule (below) and answered all of our questions. As of today, the planned admission is still Tuesday June 9th.

On the 9th at 8:15 I’ll have a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) “installed” and then it’s off to the admissions department and then up to the ward on GD6 at HSC. The schedule is planned to go something like this…

June 9-8PICC, Admission, Blood work and other tests
June 10-7Chemotherapy
June 11-6Chemotherapy
June 12-5Chemotherapy
June 13-4Chemotherapy
June 14-3Chemotherapy
June 15-2Chemotherapy
June 16-1Chemotherapy
June 170Stem cells are re-introduced into my body
June 18 –
July 1
1 – 14Recovery
July 215Possible discharge and go home!

The Stem Cell re-introduction is a major milestone and the days before are referred to as the “countdown” hence the -8 to -1 day numbering.

We also got the results of the MUGA and Pulmonary Function Test from May 20th, both of which are fine according to the doctor. However, the MUGA ejection fraction fell from 58 to 52 for reasons that are unclear to me. The current chemotherapy is not supposed to have a negative effect on heart or lung function. Oh well, it came back up before and it will be restored again.

After the phone call we head out to the lake for a few days of R&R, some family time and generally just taking it easy before heading back to town on Sunday to enjoy a barbecue with our sons and their families.