Cycle 3 Day 8: Farewell to St Boniface Hospital ( for a while)

After today Health Sciences Centre takes over for all further testing and the Bone Marrow Transplant / Stem Cell Transplant procedure.

Early Morning Reflections

Well, the last couple of days have been pretty rough. I’ve been feeling quite weak/tired coupled with pretty intense dizziness and low blood pressure. The most likely cause is rapid dehydration / rapid weight loss as some of the at home medications come to an end.

I also think that unlike 2018, the cumulative effect of the therapy is taking a harder toll on my body. Couple that with the mood swings induced by the medications and let’s just say I’ve had better days.

Today, things are a fair bit better, still some dizziness, but better. I’m getting some IV hydration prior to the treatment so that should help too.

I can’t be too bad as I completed my household assignments this morning of vacuuming and cleaning both bathrooms 😊🚽

Tomorrow there are two testing procedures scheduled. 1) A Pulmonary Function Test ( a first for me) and 2) a MUGA scan, both at HSC.

Post-tests we’re heading to the lake, which I’m really looking forward to. The lake is always special, but given the amount of time we’ve spent at home, the change of scenery is going to be awesome!

Thanks to Scott, Mandy, Easton & Clark the cottage is up and running so there will be minimal work as we arrive, just unpack and enjoy!

Just so there is a project so I’m not too bored, another part of the septic system decided to call it quits this year. This time it’s the metal pipes that deliver air into the main holding tank to agitate the “material” and aerobically break it down. Well, after almost 40 years in a hostile environment, rust takes it’s toll.

Between Scott and I we’ve secured enough parts for a full rebuild and it should be a quick install and hookup and we’re good for another 40.

Over the years the electric motor, compressor, and the septic field itself have been repaired or replaced, some multiple times. The joys of cottage ownership where you are responsible for most things. 😊