Cycle 2 Day 8:

Here I am again, back in the chair and with Megan looking after me again. I think we’re becoming an item.

So, a little bit of back tracking. For sure most days are OK, but some are definitely not so good. Last Saturday and to a bigger extent Sunday were more challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. I was hyper aware of my abdominal area and while I was hungry, eating didn’t seem like a good idea, but I did it anyway. I felt quiet and fairly tired and totally unmotivated. At one point I forced myself to get out of bed and wash a couple of the bikes. It seems to be a combination of a number of things and probably most attributable to coming off the high dose of the steroid dexamethasone. But, as we say around our house, “and it came to pass” and pass it did and Monday was a much better day all around.

Monday was a nice sunny day and after a relaxed start to the day which included pajamas until noon, I readied the road bike for its first outdoor ride since March 18 and out I went. I kept a very relaxed pace and resisted the urge to chase down a 30 something guy who passed me on a 29’er mountain bike. Talk about self control 😜🚴‍♂️

Even at a very easy pace, this was pretty much my limit for the day. Legs and arms were pretty tired but it felt good.

We took dinner to Des & Eric’s and had a nice socially distanced backyard dinner with them and Parker & Dane. Its getting harder not touching and hugging people and I especially miss being physical with the Grandkids and roughhousing with them.

Great sleep last night after many days of being up every 2 hours dealing with the fluid retention issue. My weight has once again rocketed down to 208. This is a bit amazing since I had a bit of a sugar craving last night and ate half a box of Morden’s Russian Mints! Things should be relatively normal for the rest of the cycle.

So, it’s 11:45am and the premeds and IV hydration are in and the chemotherapy is under way. Things should wrap up around 2-2:30pm

Perhaps more later…..