Cycle 2 Day 1:

So I’m back in my favorite (?) chair and Megan is taking good care of me this morning. Pre-meds are in and IV hydration underway.

Plugged in

It about 1pm now and more medicines have been pumping in via the IV and I’ve eaten some yummy lunch that Shirley prepared for me. Feeling very sleepy.

A little excitement in one of the other chairs. A lady had a very sudden and severe reaction to one of the medications. In a matter of seconds she went from “I don’t feel too good” to “I have severe back pain in the 9-10 range! Instantly, 5 nurses were assisting, stopping the meds, on oxygen , Benadryl, pain meds, and charting everything . Very shortly, the on call Dr arrived for a consult. Very intense! In about 10 minutes everthing subsided and she was back to “normal”. Thankful I’ve never had such a reaction.

Another couple of hours to go. More napping is highly likely.

The rest of the day is uneventful and I’m done by 3:30pm and Shirley is waiting to take me home.

Another quiet night (like so many nowadays )at home with Boston Pizza take-out.

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