Cycle 1, Day 8

Railing at the Lake

Another first for me. Last time it was treatment on Day 1, wait and repeat 21 days later. Now it’s Day 1, perhaps a Day 2 and for sure a Day 8.

Day 8 is for another dose of Gemcitabine. Sounds delicious right? The process should be relatively short. Some pre-treatment anti nausea stuff (insert long complicated drug name here), wait 1/2hr for that to kick in and then the chemo med for another 1/2hr. Finish it up with a 10 minute flush and I’m done.

So, more or less expected and then the unexpected. On Days 7-14 I’ll be self injecting with GRASTOFIL® • Filgrastim (fill-GRASS-tim) is a drug that helps your bone marrow make new white. blood cells. White blood cells protect your body by fighting bacteria (germs) that cause infection. That sounds like a good thing right?