Cycle 1 Day 3: I wish the stock markets would perform like this

This one is for you Shaun

Not an April fools Day joke!

Since putting on a little weight over the Christmas holidays and with the upcoming outdoor cycling season approaching I thought it would be a good idea to drop a little weight. Way better to do that than becoming a “cycling weight weenie” who spends big bucks to have a bicycle that weighs a few ounces less. To that end I have been exercising fairly consistently on the indoor trainer, lifting some weights, and sort of watching what I eat. I’d been making good progress towards a tentative target of between 200-210 lbs, In fact March 30, 2020 was 210.8. And then the unexpected happened!

This morning, right out of bed like all other weigh ins, I hop on the scale and it proclaims 226 lbs!!! Hey, that can’t be right but, after 6 repeats with the exact same number it seems to be true. I’m up 16 lbs in 2 days! I’m not eating that much and last nights dinner was a very restrained bowl of Shirley’s delicious home made chicken soup and a cheese biscuit, plus water to drink.

So, I share this with Shirley who immediately breaks out in uncontrolled hilarious laughter and then informs me “Now you know how women feel.” This laughter carries on for quite some time. Then we’re in the kitchen and she is looking at me from behind and says “Maybe you shouldn’t wear plaid for now”. More uncontrolled hilarious laughter. I respond with “Do my plaid pyjama pants make my a** look fat?”. More laughter. Oh well, laughter does good like a medicine.

On a more serious note I did check in with the oncologist and the response was “Yeah, the drugs and increased fluid intake can do that”. So, no worries.