Cycle 1 Day 1: The New Deal

Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, things change.

I thought I’d be spending the day in a reclining chair in an area with five other stations, I’m placed in my own private room complete with TV

Deluxe accomodations

The next surprise is the schedule going forward. It’s changed from one treatment every 21 days to treatments on Day 1 and 8 of the 21 day cycle. As previously mentioned, for this first cycle Day 1 is split up over two days. Going forward Day 1 of the Cycle is just one day. Clear, right?

First order of business is to get the IV going. This will be the 1st use of the port and it takes a little pursuing but my nurse is unperturbed and after a bit of messing around things are flowing fine. Step 1 is 2 hours of saline to get me good and hydrated.

Plugged in

At about 10:30 I get what I’ll call the “terror talk”. The nurses explain the chemo drugs I’ll be getting today and all the possible side effects and what to do about said side effects. There are quite a few options, none of them too appealing. For both of today’s drugs, nausea and vomiting are at the top of the list. That explains why 4 of the 5 prescriptions I’ve been given are about nausea control.

Well the last time the possible side effect list was pretty similar. I didn’t have any of the bad ones then and I’m believing that I won’t have them now either.

I’ve also been given a rundown on my at home meds and it’s a good thing! This one on these days, that one on other days, some in the morning, some in the evening, some be sure to have with food, some it doesn’t matter. I have a chart now 😊

Well, it’s noon and the main event is about to get underway with Gemcitabine, 2,318mg over the next 1/2hr.

Not exactly suffering here. Shirley sent a wonderful care package of food and beverages. I came supplied with water, coffee, muffins (thanks Elaine), a ham mixture on a fancy cheese bun, fruit and GF cheese scones. I’m having a hard time eating it all but giving it a good go.

At 12:45pm they started cisPlatin, 173mg over 1 hour, then it was back to the saline hydration solution for 2 hours. ETE (Estimated Time of Escape) is 4pm.

That’s probably all for today. I’m feeling good and I think a quiet evening ahead is in order.

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