A tweak to upcoming events

A goose at St. Vital Park

A fine Friday for a walk in the park while keeping our distance from everyone. It was actually quite busy as one might expect on one of the first warmer “spring” (?) days. Groups of people sitting in lawn chairs at least 10′ apart is an odd sight as we adjust to the current situation. Folks were friendly, but generally switched to the other side of the road when passing.

Anyway, the updates. Shirley contacted the oncology nurse this morning to confirm that she would not be able to be with me for treatments or in person Dr. visits as per a posting on the CancerCare web site. Sure enough, just patients, no visitors or support people.

To protect the safety of patients and staff, CancerCare Manitoba must limit the number of people in the building.

Effective March 25, 2020, we are tightening our risk reduction measures. Support persons/escorts will not be allowed to accompany patients for visits except in exceptional circumstances. Pediatric patients are allowed only one parent/caregiver to be present at the appointment.You can use your personal cell phone to include another person in your appointment.

And while that was happening the nurse informed us that instead of a blood test & Dr. visit on Monday and chemo on Tuesday that it would be chemo on Monday from 8:30am to 4:30pm and again on Tuesday from 8:30am to 3:30pm. So, two long days in the chair hooked to an IV. And, by the way the volunteers who bring you snacks, beverages and soup for lunch won’t be there either. Thanks to my wonderful wife Shirley, I’ll be traveling with a substantial care pack to get me through the day.

Subsequent treatments will be faster but, with this first go around with the new drugs they want to go very slow and monitor for any adverse reactions. Of course I’m believing that this will just be two long boring days with no adverse reactions.