Pre-PET Scan

Just a photo I took recently that I like. Nothing to do with anything here

Well, tomorrow is the PET scan and I guess I’m a little bored so here’s a trivial update and a little whining.

This testing stuff & COVID-19 is really messing up my workout schedule! I know this is trivial but whatever. Wednesday is normally my outside bike ride with a couple of fellow retirees. One of the guys now has his ride day limited to Tuesdays due to some facility restrictions so we’d planed on shifting our ride to Tuesday. Then the PET scan was scheduled on Tuesday. Then the PET scan was re-scheduled to Wednesday but part of the scan prep is no “strenuous exercise” for the preceding 24 hours. So, no Tuesday or Wednesday riding, and no weight lifting today, so here I am doing this .

Enough of that! On another note the port insertion procedure is healing up well and I’ve added to my scar collection. I’m sure there is a reason why they couldn’t cut on the pre-existing dotted line, just above the current incision bandage. :-). The one up on the neck is net new. Somehow last time then didn’t cut there, but the incision site seems to have been a lot bigger. Too much detail? I guess we all have some extra time on our hands.

Another pre-scan prep item is no sugar and no carbs so today is back on the Keto diet which is all good. Be safe.

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