Port Insertion

7am at Health Science Center and we get our surprise of the day thanks to Covid-19, no visitors in the hospital.

This means that Shirley is stuck in the lobby and I’m on my own. Not a problem for me but for “older” patients I’d think this would be quite distressing not to have someone with them.

7:15 and I’m in the 7th floor waiting room where nobody can sit next to anybody. I’m well positioned to be first in line when they come and get us at 8:30

From the last time I learned that as you leave the waiting room and enter the prep area you are placed in Bed 1, 2, 3 etc as you enter. Bed 1 gets the surgery 1st and then on down the line. So Bed 1 = less waiting.

I’m feeling good and as I recall the recovery is not too bad. Last time I was sun tanning in the back yard afterwards. I don’t think that will be happening today.

So, I’m put in Bed 2 and at 8:12 they took Bed 1 so I’m thinking I’m up in 30-40 minutes. Dr Harding is my guy for the procedure.

Mystery revealed! With conscious sedation you are fully awake and talking etc. At the end of the procedure they ask you to get off the OR table and back on the ward bed and you do it! They don’t lift you off! Last time I didn’t remember anything and always wondered how I got off the table.

9:25 and I’m back. So far I remember everything! They say that will go. Wheeled in and up on the OR table. The area is shaved. An ultrasound is done to insure things are good. Then prepped with antiseptic. My head is turned to the left so I don’t see what’s happening. I’m placed on oxygen There is an injection for freezing and some “sleepy” drugs are inserted in IV and then he begins. There are a few sharp pokes and pulls, nothing too crazy. A couple of techs are reviewing my last CT scan. A couple of stitches to hold the port from moving. Some clean up work and they are done. He seems to work crazy fast. I guess you get good doing 8 a day.

10:45 we’re back home and it’s time for a coffee. Still feeling good but the OR drugs are still in play.

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