The Oncologist Visit

So, post blood work, it’s on to the oncologist. We’re greeted by friendly but saddened nurses we’ve worked with before. First Kelly for the initial vital stats and general status questions, then Margret who takes us through the treatment plan and answers a lot of our questions and then Dr. Moltzen who further explains the treatment plan and why it is what it is and clarifies and responds to some additional questions.

So, here is the diagnosis and plan:

  • The growth is a reoccurrence of the 2018 lymphoma
  • It is highly treatable and they are planning for a cure
  • There will be chemotherapy, a different regime than 2018
    • The drugs are not supposed to cause heart damage like in 2018. See MUGA scan on Six Month Followup
    • Hair loss is “sometimes”, last time it was “for sure” 🙂
  • Autologous (I’m the donor) bone marrow transplant
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Deja vu, almost

Here I am, back at St. B. getting blood work, 3 pages on the requisition which will mean quite a few tubes. After that it’s on to see the oncologist.

Déjà vu almost because it’s a little too familiar and this time I’ve got a few clues about what lies ahead and I know the nurse and doctor I’ll be working with. But, I’m sure there will be some differences and perhaps a surprise or two ahead. It seems that very little is totally the same the second time around.

Next stop, the oncologist.