Apparently, the journey in not over just yet.

So, yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening in the ER. I had been feeling a bit of chest pain and after booking an appointment with my doctor he called back and requested that I go to the hospital. Things happen quickly in the ER when you say “chest pain”. In short order I was triaged, had a EKG, blood work, followed shortly by an chest x-ray, which lead to a CT of my chest.

I had really thought and/or hoped that this chest pain, which feels like an exercise induced muscle strain, would turn out to be nothing. Such was not the case.

The doctor reported that they found a mass in my chest very close to the site of the 2018 tumour. In his words its 90% probability of a reoccurrence of Lymphoma. The mass is much smaller that the one in 2018, so it’s been detected earlier. I’ll see the oncologist on Monday March 9th and a biopsy will be required to confirm, likely to be scheduled within a week.

Well, it’s been 663 days since the first notification of something going on in my chest, a day I dubbed Day Zero. I used the blog primarily to put into words my thoughts about this journey for my own processing and to track events, but also to update those who are interested in my status. Feel free to call, email or text but if you just want to silently check in to see how things are going, this is the place.

Love to all. G.

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  1. Psalm 46
    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Therefore we will not fear.

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