Six Month follow-up

I’m at St Boniface hospital for the standard blood work and a visit with the oncologist. I’m feeling good and the visit should be uneventful.

I have a few questions, most I suspect will not have a clear answer. Things like “Are you sure the Cancer is still gone?”. It seems that the blood work tells them next to nothing about the presence or absence of cancer in my body. I’ll ask again about scans or x-rays but so far it’s been a “no go”.

After meeting with the doctor she confirms that there will be no scans due to the radiation exposure unless there are symptoms warranting a scan. So, no scan just for a casual look see.

One thing I’d totally forgotten about was the follow-up MUGA scan post-chemo that took place back in March 4, 2019. It seems that I didn’t get off total free from some negative effects of one of the chemo drugs. My left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) decreased from 67% to 50% which was described as “significant” but “at the lower end of the normal range”. A caveat was noted that “the patient” positioning was different between the two scans. I didn’t notice this until later so I didn’t get to discuss this with the doctor. Now believing Ps 103:1-5 more that ever, especially v4 where is says “Who redeems my life from destruction” – the “destruction” to my heart that the cancer/chemo caused will be redeemed and restored to it’s proper function, capability & capacity.